Tips - 25 Questions To Ask Your Next Realtor by Jeanne Wolfe
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                1.    How long have you sold real estate in Tampa ?  

                2.    Do you work full time? 

   3.    Where do your buyers come from?

   4.          What classes and courses have you taken to stay current with changes in the
                        real estate industry?

    5.          What is the length of your listing agreement? 

                6.          What types of specific marketing systems and approaches will you use to sell
                                   my home?

                7.          Could I have a copy of your standard purchase contract?  Do use the FAR-9 or
                                    FAR-BAR 8?  Why?

    8.          Could you give me a copy of your personal resume or personal brochure?

                9.          What do you know about the area?

              10.      What type or advertising does your company offer?

              11.      Have you and your company been involved in the community?  In what way?

              12.      How can you specifically attract international Buyers?

              13.      What is your company�s market share in my neighborhood?

              14.      What is your company�s average sales price?

              15.      How many years has your company been in business?

              16.      What staging and/or repairs would you recommend for my home?

              17.      What was your dollar volume of sales last year?  How many homes did you sell
                                    last year?  How many did your company sell?

  18.      At what price would you market my home?

              19.      Do you have your CRS and GRI designations?

              20.      Does your company offer a special program for upscale properties?

              21.      How does your company target particular buyers for our market?

              22.      Do you have a personal website?  How is it ranked by Google, and Yahoo?

              23.      How frequently do you update your website?

              24.      Whom do you have to respond briskly to email inquiries about my home?

              25.      What is your business philosophy?


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